Here are some of the services we offer and prices:
Exhaust work:
Flex pipe $100 - $180 depending on vehicle
Pipe patch $40 each sleeve repaired
Stock muffler $100 most vehicles
Performance muffler (Magnaflow, Flowmaster, Borla) $160 each installed
Exhaust tips $40 - $60 each installed
Universal weld in catalytic converters most vehicles $180 and up
Call about manifold catalytic converter prices.
Dodge, Ford, Chevy exhaust manifold gasket, manifold, and/or stud/bolt extraction & replacement call for price.
Custom exhaust & custom welding call for price.
Othere shop services:
Shop labor rate is $50 an hour
Diagnostic $50 an hour
Cooling systems diagnostic $60
Electrical systems diagnostic $50 an hour
Leakdown test $120 and up
Compression check $80 plus parts (most vehicles)
4 cylinder tune up $80 plus parts (most vehicles)
6 cylinder tune up $120 plus parts (most vehicles)
8 cylinder tune up $160 plus parts (most vehicles)
Power steering fluid flush $60 most vehicles
Brake fluid flush $100 most vehicles
A/C check $50 unless otherwise advertised
A/C diagnostic $90 includes refrigerant
4L60E/700R4 transmission rebuild $900 plus tax and hard parts
Timing belts/timing chains and water pumps call for pricing
We also do:
Valve cover gaskets, Oil pan gaskets, Rear main and front main seals, Headgaskets, Intake manifold gaskets, Rear axel rebuild service, Oil change (basic and full synthetic), Engine repair or replacement, Rack and pinion, U joints, Ball joints, Tie rods, Brakes, Wheel bearings, Window motors and much more. We DON'T do tires or alighnments.
Call for pricing
as labor and parts prices differ for each vehicle